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Shenzhen Shanye Indu謝信strial Co., Ltd. was jointly establishe小森d by Shenzhen Huawei Offshore務短 Shipping Co., Ltd. and CNOOC Energy De音相velopment Co., Ltd. in December 19視數95. It is headquarte年訊red on the fifth flo朋也or of Shekou coastal business center in高白 Shenzhen and has會暗 resident staff in Tianjin.老議 The company mai西電nly provides services such as moor技到ing and oil extraction of offsh森雨ore oil fields, under路雨water engineering and ship voyage rep遠照air, as well as research and con風但sultation on maritime technology 月議and underwater 嗎道engineering technology. It is a 舞上national and Shenzh東木en high-tech enterprise. 雜近 The company has more than 100答到 permanent employees, 4暗見 with senior professional理照 and technical t草刀itles or above, 在話more than 20 with intermediate profess山到ional and technic個民al titles and captains, as well as vari紙火ous underwater detection personnel and 月頻divers, ship drivers and sh能媽ip maintenance personnel. In 低你addition, 40 ~ 70 temporar信信y employees are emp什分loyed according to t跳秒he needs of the 城離project. The company is equipped wit近雪h diving and underwater operatio外你n equipment with fixed assets 算體of more than 35 mi化電llion yuan, includin師答g all kinds of air d船又iving and mixed gas diving 能雜equipment, as well as all藍刀 kinds of underwater detecti國子on instruments an懂那d underwater cleaning equipment. The di吃友ving equipment co白票mplies with the techn房校ical standards o白麗f the international說年 maritime Contractors 不作Association (IMCA) and the Internatio坐市nal Association of Diving綠能 Contractors (ADCI). The輛紙 company's maritime s煙秒ervice department provides門女 offshore mooring oil extraction, m一工aritime technical consultation, o遠少il extraction logistics se廠友rvices, oil extraction hose maintenan票男ce, nondestructive testing 為土and other services, and h現高as safely extra些動cted oil for more 冷上than 6000 ships; The underwate科區r engineering department自件 provides offshore oil and gas p劇農roduction facilit師謝ies, nondestructive testing of u林低nderwater structures, design, 請知installation and main民又tenance of underwater facilities, under報體water measurement, salvage, pluggi兒城ng and blasting operations, unma頻樹nned remotely operated vehicle見林 (ROV) operations, divin銀能g and underwater operation technical co站車nsultation and research, a現飛nd has complete人到d more than 500 u海匠nderwater engineering projects; The ma少國intenance department provides ship 得站and offshore oil field街舊 facility maintena看謝nce, ship equipment installation,筆笑 etc. The compa木黃ny has established a three in 鐵器one management system of 件事quality, occupati風跳onal health and safety場理 and environmental protec家站tion, and the enterpr高著ise operation is carried out 風個in strict accordance with t用年he management system; It has obtain對拍ed the certification of underwate花我r inspection service instituti但大ons of six classifi你年cation societies, in們湖cluding China, the United火雜 States, Norway, the United Kingdo暗畫m, France and Ja湖車pan; Chinese main拍行land China's first林黃 diving company was certified by ADCI也信 in January 2000. In March 2010, it joi理兒ned IMCA as the first Chinese diving 事遠company. In addi見紙tion, the company has also obta鄉線ined "nondestructive test知土ing of oil production e雪友quipment and offshore structures話影" from the State Administrat關用ion of work safety and &quo近玩t;offshore equip腦視ment maintenance qua通說lification" from 問場China National Offshore Oil Corporati明術on. While being proficient in core b河睡usiness, the company also activ如秒ely advocates learning and scient拿森ific research. In recent years, the c風上ompany has undertaken the pre鄉票paration of a nu下服mber of regulations, national st山畫andards and industrial standards su筆些ch as air diving and mixed gas d農窗iving safety operation, and has under水高taken the formulation o朋匠f more than 10 standards such as n化兵ational standards safety requireme遠師nts for air diving and safety公也 requirements for mixed gas diving, 信家as well as the science and technology p可章rojects of the Ministry of transport習鐘 Research on safet信用y regulations for diving and u學關nderwater operatio筆車n, research on standards for 短行divers to safely ride aircraft裡市 after diving, research on standa房拿rdization of inlet and out玩醫let system for diving and用科 underwater operation, resear草高ch on Key Technologies of c黑都ylindrical fwpso export project of t自又he Ministry of industry and inform信玩ation technology and the Min業綠istry of finance, e姐影tc. The company regard自城s service quality as the company's life為來, customers as the fou務歌ndation of the company, takes森廠 serving customers as the company's p花照urpose, and keeps in mind &長線quot;people-oriented, integrity and law劇舞-abiding, high qu黑房ality and effici短森ency, safety and 新計environmental protection" The int土可egrated managem作又ent system policy of the compan老會y, with safe and ef些那ficient service 聽可to create value fo電農r customers, has won著在 the trust and support 西資of customers. It has made excellent 數聽achievements in t但區he third-party indep西著endent audit orga看音nized by the owner for 地話many times. Since 2005, it has continuo放能usly maintained the first p工票lace in the comprehensive assessm中朋ent of Diving Contra從筆ctors organized by CNOOC. In addition,得音 it has also won international看知 awards More than 30 scientif一技ic, technological and safety awards亮火 were awarded by Divi吧草ng Contractors Association廠件, China Society of navigati分吧on, Salvage Bureau of the Ministr我務y of transport, Shanghai Salva飛朋ge Bureau of the Ministry of 一討transport, China National Offshore 答報Oil Corporation and other 玩書units. The fir is tall and beautifu拿愛l in the forest,海好 and the leaves業為 gather into a tower.

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Press Releases


The company ass風快isted the insta愛少llation and production of China's first金花 self operated deepwater oil and ga湖科s field

On the morning of Septembe件去r 24, the compan舞黑y received a cong報多ratulatory letter from the de姐有velopment project team of Liuhua 16下知-2 oilfield group. 店你The main leaders 黃制of CNOOC thanked and congra笑能tulated the participating units o好靜f the project. Loo空照king back on the 195 days站店 of participating in project const科銀ruction review, in pla長喝nt commissioning, towing c綠錯ommand, underwater 務場installation, tanker limit and other 雪訊links, the engineering and technical p農懂ersonnel of the company就村 feel honored. Liuhua 16-不能2 Oilfield Group is the first self-dev她男eloped and deep-w車生ater oil and gas field in China. I也冷t is also the first o紙來ilfield group to adopt the all underwa到服ter production and development mo舊煙de. It is a key pr水草oject to implement general 動了secretary Xi Jinping's imp習要ortant instructions 站頻for increasing domestic oil and gas ex司街ploration and development and s是國afeguarding national 事來energy security. The oilfiel森遠d development project te匠影am made scientific planning a做亮nd careful overa劇愛ll planning, and successively entr視舊usted key link contracts su錢女ch as diving installation, FPSO towin科湖g command and on-sit亮章e limit to Shanye 體很company as early as December 2018. The聽路 all underwater能聽 development mode means that冷窗 the seabed energy is directly trans也笑mitted to the "offsho錯下re oil and gas treatment plan厭朋t" through the underw新兵ater production醫錯 system ­—— During是河 the construction stage of "offs睡對hore oil 119&qu物時ot; FPSO in Qingdao ship可湖yard, the compa子訊ny's mooring oil extraction and 鄉關underwater engineering technical近鐵 force were invited t頻黃o the site for many times t就人o participate in the project e會用valuation and review, which not on窗要ly provided forward-looking pr黑銀ofessional technical suggest間為ions to the owner動錯, but also enhanced technical reser雜她ves for its subsequent offs裡醫hore construction. In很筆 early 2020, novel 他男coronavirus pneumonia raged. B紙答ecause of the p少機roject manager's detentio商慢n in Wuhan, young eng開機ineer Kim Shin tsan charged a身鐵t the forefront學嗎 of the project, not only r開高esponsible for the proje器事ct's technical co ordina愛這tion, but also taking術兵 account of projec麗科t management. In the smoke of t坐計he epidemic, as the 民鐵actual person in charge of th件農e project, he led the pr離農oject members to go deep into 窗校the Qingdao plant area at the key no我亮des of FPSO construction 機計and completed a number of single文空 point installation underwat舊少er tests before docking, which要知 provided a strong guarantee 有照for the smooth o錯生ffshore construction. On May 多街15, the company sent 城草the towing technical gu暗懂idance captain as the owner's represe個站ntative to sail from Qingdao to Liuh錢雨ua Oilfield Group in the 畫低South China Sea with "offshore oi不好l 119"; On 姐低May 25, the diving team of the compan城秒y arrived at the site of 費內Liuhua oilfield in advan綠自ce, and the personnel and equipment我熱 were dressed neatly after connection謝海 and commissioning, waiting for t市微he "offshore oil 119" t街懂o enter; On May 26, &q關花uot;offshore oil 119" arrived at 訊森Liuhua. After compl一場eting the escort task, the tow妹信ing technical guidance changed int是做o FPSO heading control (St船新ern towing) group and su木務ccessfully met w志些ith the diving group at the oilf木妹ield site; Then, t鄉來he soldiers who entered the說愛 combat state w老學orked hard to install 9 anchor chai拍金ns within 7 days線人. With 119 days 小花of diving constructi銀短on and 100 days of oil tanker lim通錢it, we assisted t生厭he large project team to compl文很ete the towing and connectio土街n on schedule, and completed the umb照窗ilical and cable instal業鄉lation half a month光還 in advance. The oil field group wa近呢s successfully put into oper他跳ation in advance on September 19. 暗讀The peak annual output of 票少Liuhua 16-2 oilfield group can r什窗each 4.2 million cu森唱bic meters (equivalent to meeting th如樹e annual gasoline consumpt外信ion of 4 million household cars). Durin小要g the national day, the moo化照ring team will go to the se照事a to carry out th村舊e crude oil export of the first ship o林照f "offshore oil 119", brav哥為ely assume the social responsibility 著多of ensuring national 些機energy security, and cooperate with the新和 owner to serve the m數市arine economy with profes上生sional technology.

Task Qualification

CNOOC diving safety qualification
Offshore equipment maintenance organ兒的ization of CNOOC
Japan classification society underw中街ater inspection agency
ABS underwater inspection ag相跳ency
Professional equipment testing an厭不d inspection inst書慢itution of the State Administration o街土f work safety
Bureau Veritas under筆看water inspection agency
NK underwater inspection certificate 2這請018
IMCA certificate 2019
DNV.GL Cert.
CDSA diving operation sa讀得fety certificate 2019-2022的著
CDSA diving service capability 亮就and credit ratin小的g certificate 2019-2022
Quality managemen我廠t system certifica學樹te
Occupational health and saf子匠ety management system certi劇大ficate
BV Cert. (2018-2021 Shanye Marine-Cert)雨來
Approval certificate of underwater ins湖計pection service河到 provider of China Cl民西assification Society
ABS certificate 2019
ADCI 2019 membership ce資鄉rtificate

Enterprise Honor

Outstanding contribution aw離白ard of CNOOC 50 million ton project c文南onstruction
Utility model patent certificate
Vigorous operation 2014謝森 contractor's advanced safety manag北服ement team
Advanced team of rescue an中一d Salvage Bureau of the Mi笑內nistry of transport
CACT EHS performance aw機靜ard
The scientific r計要esearch project "Research on Safet拍說y Regulations for Divi人喝ng and Underwater Operati用火ons" won the Second Prize 務紅of Science and Tech身畫nology of the Chinese Society of Nav計文igation
First prize of 2014 弟爸annual technical機議 progress award一下 of Shanghai Salvage B玩司ureau of the Ministry of 土街Communications
National High-Tech Enterprise
Shenzhen High-tec門麗h Enterprise